Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Domain Knowledge

One day Ravi came home from office completely exhausted after the days work. He removed his shoes, placed his kit on the stand and threw himself on the couch. His daughter who had just turned 2 years was playing with her TOY KITCHEN SET. Seeing her father’s condition, she came over to him and helped him remove his socks. Ravi’s mother had died just two days before his daughter’s birth. So he was moved by his daughter’s gesture and visualized his mother in her.

Sometime later the kid came and offered some “TEA” (just water) which she had prepared with her TOY KITCHEN SET.

Ravi had no words and his eyes watered automatically. He drank the TEA and thanked his daughter for it.

The Child became happy and ran back to her TOY KITCHEN and brought him one more cup of TEA.

Ravi drank it again and said it was it was delicious….

The Child ran back and brought him another cup of TEA.

This time Ravi drank it, hugged and kissed her and appreciated the aroma….

This went on and on, till Joe (Ravi’s wife) stepped in with the real cup of Tea that she had prepared for Ravi.

Ravi annoyed yet very proudly told Joe, "This is the way you take care of me. My daughter has already given me 20 cups of TEA in the time you have taken to prepare one”.

Joe was perplexed. She called her daughter and asked her if she could bring one cup of tea for her too…

The Child was extremely happy on hearing this….

She ran back to her TOY KITCHEN, took a toy cup and kept moving….

Joe grabbed Ravi’s hand and secretly followed the child into the house.

The child went to the toilet, opened the closet and made a cup of “TEA”, but this time for her MOM.

Joe told Ravi…. I knew that the only place where the child could reach for water is the closet.

Epilogue :  Domain Knowledge is important.


  1. Excellent learning..sure shot to tell that there are certain things in which only some people can specialize

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