Friday, September 2, 2016

Cause and (the GOD) Effect

Once four disciples of a Guru were feeling extremely disappointed at the way things were happening in this World. They were debating on why God had created the beings in this world with such partiality.

They were not able to understand why even within humans some were born rich and others poor, some intelligent and others ignoramus…some kind and others cruel and so on. They could not understand the way creation was designed by God. They felt God was imperfect and finally decided to seek the help of their Guru in finding the answer to their questions.

The Guru listened to them calmly. He then told them to be ready early in the morning the next day so that they could go exploring the world to understand God’s design of creation.

The next day, the Guru asked them to get on to a Pushpak Vimaan (Something like an aeroplane). They started flying high above the ground.

The Guru now said, ”Dear Students, while on this flight I will ask you a question. The answer to my question will be the answer to all your queries. But the only condition is that if your answer is not satisfactory, then this Pushpak Vimaan will push you down to the earth." He also added that the moment one of you gives the right answer, the rest of you will be pushed from the Vimaan.

The Guru then pointed to the earth and asked the Disciples to observe a scene on the earth.

Down on the earth, a Deer was grazing along with its newly born Calves. At the same time, a Tigress that was pregnant had set out for its hunt. The Tigress began chasing the Deer, killed it and began eating it in front of the Calves, leaving them motherless.

Now the Guru turned to his Students and asked, now tell me what went right or wrong in the scene you just watched.

Student 1 was spontaneous : Guruji, what the Tigress did was wrong. It had no rights to orphan the calves. Now, what will the Poor Calves do…….(and Student 1 was seen falling to the ground)

Student 2 plunged in : Guruji, What the Tigress did is right. After all the deer is the Tigress's food and so it has all the rights to kill the Deer….(and Student 2 was seen falling to the ground)

Student 3 was very Smart : Guruji, What the Tigress did is neither wrong nor right. Now I have completely understood God’s design of creation….(and Student 3 went following Student 1 and 2)

It was the turn of Student 4 : He was very silent. He looked at the Guru with tears and said “Guruji, I am extremely sorry. I have not been to conclude anything from what I observed….the more I try the more confusing it becomes.…”

The Guru and Student 4 went travelling the rest of the journey and were back safely to the earth.

Intelligence is also about accepting the fact that there are things beyond Human comprehension ….like GOD. Let us stop fighting in the name of religion and begin being spiritual. The irony is that for being spiritual you actually do not require a GOD.