Saturday, January 28, 2017


There was a Student who was doing his research on a Frog. He somehow managed to train a frog to jump when he said “JUMP”

He now wanted to get much deeper into his research.

As the first step, he cuts off one of the legs of the frog and said “JUMP”
With pain the Frog took the Jump….

He now cuts off the second leg of the frog and said “JUMP”
Though the pain was more severe, the frog still Jumped

He then cuts off the third leg and said “JUMP”
The pain was excruciating and the frog laid there without any movement.
He increased his volume and shouted again “J..U..M..P”
With all its strength that remained, the Frog made it again…

He now cuts off its fourth leg also and shouted “J..U..M..P”
With blood oozing out the Frog lay there without any movement.
He shouted, shrieked and squalled “J....U....M....P”
....yet the frog remained motionless.

Finally he concluded his research with the findings…..
“If one cuts off all the legs of a Frog, then the frog will become deaf”

Our research begins here: Does this reflect the efficiency of this student or the education system that created him.